Payment Options

Payment is required on the day of treatment.


$125  Initial consultation

$110 Follow up consultation

$235 Initial 1 hour consultation

$220 Follow up 1 hour consultation

Massage therapy

$130 1 hour consultation

Medicare Ehanced Primary Care (EPC) Plan


The EPC is a medicare rebate system to help refund part of the cost of attending a private allied health service.


EPC is for patients (adults or children) who have a chronic condition and complex care needs.  A chronic medical condition is one that has been (or is likely to be) present for six months or longer.  It can include conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and musculoskeletal conditions. Patients have complex care needs if they require ongoing care from a multidisciplinary team consisting of their GP and a least two other health care providers.

In summary:

EPC provides a total of five services per patient each calendar year.
Medicare rebates are a set amount per service. The patient then pays the gap amount.

Patients must have an Enhance Primary Care (EPC) plan prepared by their GP, then the GP refers to the allied health professional.

Eligible allied health professionals include:


Audiologists            Osteopaths      Dentists               Occupational Therapists
Physiotherapists    Podiatrists        Psychologists    Speech Pathologists

Private health insurance

If you have private health insurance, you will need to decide if you wish to use Medicare or your private health insurance for your consultation rebate.

Claiming can be done at our office through the HICAPS terminal.  You will need your EPC form from your GP, your current Medicare card and an EFTPOS card.


Payment Options
  • Credit Card

  • Eftpos

  • Cash

  • On the spot health fund rebates with HICAPS

Health Fund Rebates


Osteopaths are registered with all health funds in NSW.  If you have extras cover you health fund should give you a rebate on your treatment.  The amount rebated is dependent on your fund and your level of cover.


You can get your health fund rebate on the spot through our HICAPS terminal.

You simply swipe your health fund card then you only owe the gap.  If paying by eftpos or credit card we then swipe your card and deduct the gap.  No fuss or having to send in receipts, it is all taken care of in our office.


A doctor's referral is not needed to see an osteopath unless you want to utilise the EPC plan.