Shayne Przezdzciecka Ass.Dip.H.Sc – Massage Therapy

Shayne Przezdzciecka Ass.Dip.H.Sc - Massage Therapy

Shayne has been working as a massage therapist since 1997. She graduated from the 2 year full time massage course run by Loftus Tafe. Not many massage therapists have such extensive training as 2 years full time study. Over the past 24 years Shayne has worked alongside osteopaths, personal trainers, pilates instructors and other health professionals, in order to deliver the most positive outcomes for clients.  Shayne brings the modalities of dry needling and cupping into her treatments for those it suits or request it.

She draws upon her multidisciplinary approach and her extensive knowledge of muscular anatomy to determine the best possible treatment for each individual patient, pinpointing strain and injury and treating the injured tissue.

Over the past decade Shayne has worked in conjunction with many obstetricians in the area (also working in a suite next door to some prominent obstetricians for many years) in treating pregnant patients. Shayne’s has extensive experience in helping patients cope with the stresses and challenges pregnancy puts on the body. Many local obstetricians regularly refer their patients to Shayne to help with low back pain, pelvic pain, hip pain and swelling associated with pregnancy.

Shayne also has an extensive sporting history back in her days as a young athlete in Poland. She treats many elite level and weekend athletes helping them relieve sore muscles and attempts to speed recovery between training sessions.

Relaxing and remedial massage are also offered by Shayne. So whether you have a chronic injury or pain, have discomfort associated with pregnancy, want a relaxation massage or are an athlete Shayne can tailor a massage to suit you.


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