Dr Sian Dawson – Osteopath

Dr Sian Dawson - Osteopath

As a young university student I was involved in a car accident, this whiplash left me with both neck and lower back pain. After seeking help from a number of Gp’s, medical specialist and allied health professionals it was osteopathy that finally gave me the relief I had been searching for. I was halfway through a biomedical science degree when this experience inspired me to redirect my health science education to osteopathic studies.

I prefer a holistic approach to healthcare. I have a strong commitment to helping my patients quickly return to the activities and lifestyle they love. I advocate active rehabilitation which in many cases may help heal the bodie’s injured tissues.

Experience and competence in a range of treatment techniques allows for treatments to be varied and individualised to each patient. From newborn babies, to mature patients, from the highly active/ flexible to those with gross movement restrictions, my osteopathic treatment can be varied to meet your needs.

I have a special clinical interest in treating pain and dysfunction of the feet, neck and sinuses as well as a passion for assisting the pregnant patient and helping with postnatal care for both mother and child.

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