Dr Daniel Turner – Osteopath

Dr Daniel Turner - Osteopath

I have been practicing Osteopathy since 2004 and had practiced as a sports/remedial massage therapist from 1998 prior to graduating as an Osteopath giving me over 20 years of hands on experience so far.

I am passionate about getting you back to being optimal and staying that way. Having grown up watching my mother struggle with migraine headaches and eventually suffering them myself I have a clinical interest in treating headaches and neck pain. Having seen and suffered the effects of headaches first hand gives me a greater understanding of how to treat headaches and neck pain.

I also have an extensive exercise background in martial arts, weight training, rock climbing and recently mountaineering. If you are an active person yourself then in order to get you to functioning optimally you need a practitioner that knows how the body works and what it’s capable of. I push myself almost everyday with exercise and know how frustrating it is to be out injured (I made a lot of training mistakes in my early years which has given me knowledge you can benefit from!). My goal is to get you back to better than normal as quickly as possible. Having been through multiple sports injuries (including almost tearing my pelvis in two!), and shoulder strains I am uniquely equipped to help treat your sports and upper body injuries.

I have a particular interest in shoulder injuries as they often more complex than just a simple pathology having underlying functional, biomechanical and strength imbalances that are more likely the cause of the injury rather than the pathology itself.  Recent studies show that a large percentage of people with no shoulder symptoms have pathology such as rotator cuff tears and bursitis but with no symptoms.  I had a shoulder injury in 2007 that after 3 cortisone shots had not resolved and I was pointed towards surgery.  I decided that I didn’t want to have the surgery and went about treating and rehabilitating it myself.  12 years later and that issue hasn’t resurfaced!  Too often us everyday athletes are told to stop doing what you are doing, you don’t need to lift weights that heavy, climb that much, run that much etc etc.  My job is to get you back doing what you want to do as soon as possible and to bullet proof you for future injury.

I can help you understand your injury, what was the likely cause and what to do about it.

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