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Sydney Osteopathy was Established by Bruce Lang in 1997 and has been the starting point for many Osteopathic careers. Bruce continues to practice along side Daniel Turner, Sian Dawson and Marcus Araujo. The clinic also offers remedial massage from the very experienced Shayne Przezdziecka.

What Is Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a holistic form of drug-free non-invasive therapy using a hands on approach. Osteopaths recognise the relationship between the body’s structure and function by focusing on the neuromusculoskeletal framework, making sure joints, muscles, nerves and circulation are working in harmony. Its aim is to positively affect the body’s nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems.

First Consultation

What to expect in the first consultation?

In the first consultation you should expect to have a comprehensive discussion into your case history and a physical examination. After the examination you are presented with a clear diagnosis and the best treatment options. Occasionally you might be referred for further diagnostic imaging such as xray, MRI or a referral to your doctor or another health professional.

As a general rule osteopathic treatment shouldn’t be painful, ensuring that you are kept as secure and comfortable as possible.

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Address Suite 403 Level 4
2 Grosevenor St
Bondi Junction 2022

Telephone T: 02 9369 5672
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M: 0411 643 611

Email reception@sydneyosteopathy.com.au

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